Wright or  Wrong?   The Choice is Yours!

True Lies are why you are probably Wrong, but you can get IT Wright Here!!! 

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What Aln Can & Will Do To Correct the True Lies! 

Correctional Education

I am a “Teacher/ Preacher, Creature.”

Personally, Professionally, Politically, and Philosophically my Wright Success Institute (WSI) is dedicated to  transforming “True Lies” into a viable sense of reality for anyone, anytime, anywhere who wants my services. 


Strategic Planning

The WSI Pathfinder Project is a FREE world class strategic planning program online with “SUCCESS GUARANTEED” for anyone, anytime, anywhere, using an old sandlot baseball metaphor called  “Work-Up” to help you develop and execute a pathway to success for FREE.



Confidential Consultation

I am the sole proprietor of the Wright Success Institue (WSI).  As the Director, Professor, and only employee of WSI, I provide private consultation (thanks to Zoom technology) for any registered and active guest of WSI.  (I do not have students, clients, or customers at WSI.)

Why Augment Your Sense of Reality?

Change Your Mind To Change The World

If you believe freedom and fairness are reasonable measures of  justice in our social system on planet Earth, then perhaps it is a good idea to “keep score” if you want more out of life and are willing and able to work for it.

I believe justice is best defined as “to each what is due,” which begs a lot of questions and answers that you can find here on this website.

If you believe that you and the people you care about are NOT getting what is deserved (Justice), I can help you change …………“The SCORE.”   aln

Why Me?

My name is Alan Wright.  I am the sole proprietor and Professor of Metaphysics at the Wright Success Institute.  I am an acknowledged “teacher/preacher/creature committed to my FREE services to any and all truth seekers on this planet.  I am the best in the world at what I do, simple as that!

True Lies

Wright or Wrong?

Do You Feel “Boxed-In?”

What exactly is a“True Lie?” A True Lie is a lie that is “true” to you.  How and why can that be so? The historical fact of True Lies  is that powerful people have been seriously telling “lies” for a very long time to stay in power in order to create a world that works really well for a few and not so very well for a large majority of other socio-economic slaves.

The historical power structure was created over thousands of years out of these true lies that have become the belief systems around the world causing death and destruction, as well as simply a poor standard of living for millions of people, extinction for many species of living things, and many other forms of injustice.

When you believe a lie told by others, whether they knew it was a lie, or not, it becomes a true lie…to you! You have been hearing true lies all of your life, from parents, friends, teachers, preachers, pundits, politicians, scientists, and others….some with good intentions and some with not so good intentions.

I want to invite you to a conversation about correcting these lies, thinking outside the box to change your worldview and then constructing a better world right here and right now.  Yes, it is both possible and probable with your help.  Let’s get ‘er done!



Constructivism is a metaphysical metaphor for the place where physics and philosophy come together to construct a world where you and I can transform “YOUR” reality into a creative lifetime of vision, mission and success.  Despite what you learned in public school, there are only two basic forces in the world, and they are simply “destructive and constructive” forces that have a quantum physics origin with a simple little metaphorical “MONAD” that you have probably never heard of from anyone on planet earth.  I (Aln) will tell you the true story of these Monads Wright Here & Wright Now!

You can begin right here and right now at the (W)right Success Institute) to help me and many others “connect the dots” to construct a new “World Federation” that I refer to as “The Wright World Federation, because it begins with me and works for anyone, anytime, and anywhere.  It is not only possible, but it is time to get the job done.

True Lies are what is the “real” reason every human on this planet is facing eminent extinction.  I want your help to help yourself and others achieve success (justice) in this confused and divided world.  aln

Get Started

Let’s Build The Future Together








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