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Who is Aln?

This will probably be a High Quality Augmented Experience that quite possibly will “rock” your world (W)right here and now!


What I am about to tell you may be shocking to some of you, but in pursuit of the truth and total disclosure, I think it is important for you to have this information.

My human name is Alan Wright.  I was born on the morning of July 4, 1947 to Preston and Lola Wright in Morenci,  Arizona of the United States of America; HOWEVER….

My “real” name is Aln.  Than is probably a bit confusing for you.  What does that mean, and who cares?  Well, I am going to begin “augmenting” your sense of reality (w)right here and (w)right now.  You see, I am an “avatar,” and so are you.  Is that weird, or what?  So, what is an avatar?

In order for any of this to have any meaning to you requires a little story telling about how I came to learn that, in reality, I am an avatar.  You may not know what an avatar is and it actually is a rather ambiguous term but probably originates in ancient Vedic literature; however,

“In The Wright World,”  the meaning of the word avatar begins with a German polymath, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in 1n 1675. He, for the first time, demonstrated integral calculus to find the area under the graph of y =F(x).  The significance of this and his “monadology” is probably the most important discovery in all of mankind for one crucially critical fact: Leibniz mathematically proved: TIME IS THE TRUE REALITY!

This is a long story and this is just an introduction to who and what I am.  The remainder of this website will tell my  story in compliance with the words of Socrates: “Know Thyself.”  But, most importantly, this is very much your story, as well, and perhaps the most important story you will ever hear in your lifetime.  Please enjoy my story about “The Wright World.” aln


I learned early in my life, first as a Boy Scout learning to “Be Prepared,” and then during school, sports, and military service how important these words are.  Later, during my professional career I learned more fully about putting “First Things First.”

Seeing the future, in your mind’s eye, is what creating probability from possibility really means, and is critical to all variations of strategic planning for every adventure in life, but most importantly for life itself.  It goes to identity, purpose, stamina, goals, objectives, success, and a host of other things that define life itself, including my “seeing” my reality as an avatar.

My Vision is as follows:  Success Guaranteed; for anyone, anytime, anywhere.  What you and I  want literally matters…really! 


Our mission in life defines us as other people think of us and sometimes their idea of our mission is different than what we think it is.  This can lead to misunderstandings, confusion, and disorder (destructive behavior).  Perhaps, all this destructive behavior is the “real” origin of crime and other forms of injustice.   

When the definition of justice is: “To Each What Is Due,” I define justice as: “The Gaining Of Something Desired, Planned, And Attempted.  This is all about possibility, probability, and constructive human behavior.  What you and I really want…literally matters!

My mission is as follows:  Success Advocacy; personally, professionally, politically, and philosophically.

What I Do 

I am a Polymath Metaphysician

Professor Einstein taught me that “Information is more important than knowledge”.  He was correct.  Knowledge is about the past and helps in the present to create future possibilities constructive or destructive.  As a result, I teach and preach metaphysics to bridge classical physics to the world of quantum physics and philosophy in a practical way meaningful to others as well as myself.

I am a Confidential Confidant

Dr. William Glasser’s “Reality Therapy” and Ed Ford (my Reality Therapy mentor) taught me the importance of using the Socratic method of asking guiding questions applied to helping people learn to plan to get what they want.  As a result, I provide (FREE) online individual private and confidential consultation to active members of The Wright Success Institute (WSI) who request it.

I am a Correctional Education Specialist

Dr. Thom Ghering and Dr. Ted Price provided much needed leadership while I served as President of the National Association of State and Federal Directors of Correctional Education. I have served three states (Arizona, California and Colorado) in the capacity of Correctional Education Administrator with a focus on special education, vocational education and compliance with federal and state laws.  I know how to make things happen.

I am a Strategic Plan Consultant

Most importantly, as a military combat air traffic controller and operations specialist, I learned the importance of such things as flight plans, battle plans, and action plans of all kinds. As a professional educator, I learned how to do academic lesson plans, plan and coach successful athletic teams, build community education programs, planned and subdivided the largest public school district in the United States (geographically).  I help people, corporations, and government entities do strategic planning for success, and I am, unapologetically, the best in the world at what I do.








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