Get in Touch

Professor Wright uses a three tiered communication system.  The first tier is for “guests” while here on this website.  Guests are invited to use this message board to send Professor Wright a message that provides an email address that helps eliminate tons of spam with a subscription.

This subscription (if requested) will result in a password that will allow for you to move on to tier two and our second website “” as a “contributing” member of WSI and “The Conversation” on our blog with comments and questions about the Pathfinder Project .

The third tier is for when you move on to our third WSI website “” to dig deeper into our Pathfinder Project and learn the details of our gamified version of strategic planning. There, you can actively participate in our blog with comments and questions, and communicate with Professor Wright by email, directly, with a responsive turn around for a password admitting you to our “WSI” website where we actually play “Work-Up” to develop and execute your strategic plan for success guaranteed: personally, professionally, politically, and philosophically.  I hope to see you soon! aln








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